Having lived in the Texas Panhandle all of my life, I've always been proud of the rich heritage and traditions on which this area was founded. By purchasing authentic handmade cowboy gear you help to preserve the western heritage. I have been making spurs, buckles, conchos, and sterling silver jewelry for over 20 years. My intentions are not only to preserve this culture that has slowly been eroded and forgotten, but I also wanted to provide a legacy for my children and for them to realize how rich the western heritage is. 

Everything that I stamp my name on is entirely engraved and handmade in my studio. I mount in sterling silver, gold, copper, German silver, or jeweler's bronze. Custom designs, brands, logos, and initials are available for that unique and personal gift or award. The traditional lifestyle and values of the American Cowboy live on and I am proud to be a part of it.